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RIP Apachee

On Monday, our family dog, Apachee, passed at the age of 12. The last couple of weeks have been really rough for him. For the past year, we had been preparing ourselves for this moment. Actually going through with it has been tough as he kept pushing. A year ago, he suffered from a stroke but recovered miraculously. It was as if it never happened! He was always energic and loving. The protector of the home.

Letting Patch go was pretty hard to do. We knew his time was coming, but in reality, it's pretty hard to choke back the feelings of no longer hearing him barking at the neighborhood kids or rushing to welcome you at the door (even if you literally went outside for a quick minute). I thought my brother would have the hardest time with this (plot twist: it was me. I couldn't cope!)

It's strange. He was like a brother to me. My younger siblings don't even remember life without Patch. We had to deal with a few loses this year, from my great uncle to a family friend (all unrelated to Covid). Normally I never say anything, especially to people I've never met before. However, I'm trying to be more transparent. Plus Apachee will always be a big part of our family. He'll never be "just an animal" to us. Thank you to all who have reached out and shared your prayers. To the King, Apachee!

~~With all our love!

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