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Being Transparent: ReneA's Closet Updates

Dear Fashion Curator,


I want to apologize for being quiet and distant for a year. Since transitioning from entrepreneurship to a corporate girly, it has been difficult to keep up with making content, sourcing materials, and conducting my sustainability research. We have gained a few new subscribers, and I notice the site has been gaining more traction over the past few weeks. So, let’s reconnect.


If you are new or can’t remember, I am ReneA—Founder and Proprietor of ReneA’s Closet. We are an online resell and upcycle brand, bringing you fashion’s past, present, and future. When I started this brand in 2019, I wanted to reshape the resell industry by introducing a new business model while promoting sustainability. Our motto is “fashion without labels” and believe in preserving fashion pieces through proper care and reimagination.


Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, there were numerous difficulties, and I wanted to quit so many times. I had this perfect vision of being my own boss and making my own rules, but I quickly learned that being a boss is STRESSFUL!


Transitioning into my corporate career was a momentous change for me as my background has been in retail and working for other small businesses. It was a relief to no longer be responsible for an entire business, and I really wanted to discover my new passion in tech.


Unfortunately, the problem with corporate life is dealing with layoffs, and sadly I was affected. I’m still angry about the situation as I was just beginning to figure out what I wanted out of my career, and I made a lot of improvements. As I’m trying to pivot, I now have the bandwidth to focus on you, my Fashion Curator!


In the coming months, we are planning to source new pieces for the site and develop some fresh content ideas. I’m also finally ready to incorporate a consignment program, which I hope to launch soon.


Your support means the world to me. I know it's easy to get caught up in the glamorous aspects of running a fashion business, like high-profile events and celebrity endorsements. But the reality is, the day-to-day grind of an independent brand is challenging. But I love fashion, and I love finding unique pieces to share with you.


ReneA’s Closet is one of my passion projects, and I’m thrilled to share this piece of me.

~~with love




Graphic of African American woman with red hair and pink sunhat. Surrounding the woman is the phrase "ReneA's Closet Closet Curators (est. 2023)"


Looking to resell your clothes? Sign up and be the first to join our dedicated consignment team. More details to come!


Graphic of ReneA's Home Logo as a dusky pink and purple dresser with gold knobs.


We're planning to branch into resell furniture, home decor, and antiques in the next few months. Pieces can be purchased on this site or in-person at our dedicated booth. Stay tuned for updates in the next few months!


Image of woman packaging clothing items into a brown box


Beginning April 13, 2024, shipping is $5.99 flat rate with FREE SHIPPING on orders $30+

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