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ReneA's Closet 2022 Resolutions

Hey loves! Long time no see!

We at ReneA's Closet hope you all had a very relaxing holiday season, and we hope there are big changes coming your way! For the past two or three months, I personally have been taking time off to really focus and collect myself. Obviously, being back in school again has caused me to put this business on pause for a bit. But I still constantly thought of new ways to grow and modify this brand. In fact, my research revolves around solving my business problem, which is determining my ideal target audience and determining if the sustainable route is profitable.

In the meantime, I took some time off to reorganize and re-edit the business. Even though I was mildly inconsistent, I was still able to increase sales by well over 5% in 2021! That's pretty incredible! Now this year, I have a few goals I hope to accomplish by the end of the year!

Become More Sustainable

Our core mission is pushing sustainability, and the best way to do so is reselling and shopping secondhand. However, being that I am online-based, there's still the matter of my carbon footprint when it involves the supply chain. Now, I try to recycle packaging as much as I can. If you have shopped with us and perhaps ordered a pair of shoes, I try to decorate the box so that not only do you have a reason to keep it, but you also have a pretty shoe box for storage! I also try to minimize the amount of plastic waste if I can. While receiving something in a plastic bag wrapped in a plastic mailer may sound typical, it does contradict our mission.

With that being said, we are looking to phase out all plastic mailers and non-biodegradable waste. I'm looking into finding more sustainable packaging. I also plan to continue decorating boxes so they're kept as keepsakes. Thankfully cardboard is a biodegradable material. I just have to make sure the wrapping paper is also recyclable.

Efficient Shipping Labels

Piggybacking on sustainable packaging, I plan to also phase out paper shipping labels and finally purchase a shipping label maker. While paper may be a better material, I was wasting tape having to tape them to packages and boxes. Plus it sometimes took away from the aesthetic. I have found that shipping labels can be easily removed on some materials. Plus I could save way more money on ink and tape if I had my own Dymo or something similar. So as of 2022, we will be embracing a more professional method.

Add Shipping and Reduce Prices

With having to switch to sustainable packaging, this means shipping costs will go up. Now unlike most businesses, I tried embracing free shipping for a whole year to help reduce the cost for you. Unfortunately, I realized I could have been saving way more and made more if I charged shipping. So as of now, we include a flat rate of $4.99 shipping for all orders under $25.

Now, this may not be the best for you as a consumer. However, with flat rate shipping, we can lower our prices a little to accommodate the change. Really, I bet you wouldn't even notice the difference (plus it gives you a reason to splurge on a few $20 or Less pieces!)

We have also taken out Sales Tax on all orders. While yes, tax is important, our business operations do not necessary have the cash flow to support tax collections as of yet. So for now, you can guarantee the price is the price with an additional 15% when you sign up for newsletters.

More Consignment Requests

We did away with the consignment model in late 2021 due to uncertainty. Now we are reconsidering the possibility to accepting consignment. These submissions will be limited and you can send in a submission for a free label by simply placing an order. Terms will be updated as we may have to keep the consignment window open for longer (or offer different windows for submissions). We're also considering Pop-up Submissions where you can submit pieces right before we host a popup. More details will be coming soon!

More Videos and Unique Minutes

I've missed being on camera and showcasing these amazing pieces! Part of my 2022 goals are creating more content, posting more reels, more TikToks, going live, etc! I feel like we can't connect if I'm only showing you photos from time to time. So this year, we will be creating more content and possible participate in a 30-day reel challenge.

More Upcycling!

I haven't sewn in MONTHS. No joke! I haven't turned on my sewing machine in so long that it's time to make a change. Part of our mission is upcycling unsold pieces as a way to preserve the longevity of the garment. I will say I haven't been keeping up with my end of the bargain when it comes to being more sustainable. So this year, we will have more projects AND more live sewing tutorials. The turn out was so great the last time that I want to do it more!

More Blogs with Advice, History, and Clothing Care

I have an unpublished article on the history of leather and vegan leather...well it's still in the rough draft phase as I am still doing more research on the topic. But going forward, I want to publish weekly blogs on how to be a more conscious shopper and provide tips on proper clothing care. I want to conduct more research and formulate more opinions on Sustainability. I even conducted a 30-day challenge on fast fashion that I still have to publish.

I plan to be more consistent and grow organically through blogging. I just need to stop being lazy and do it!

Increase Sales by 15%

Last years goal was to increase sales by 5%, and I surpassed that tremendously. Now I plan to do the same this year but with a more lofty goal. Obviously in order to do that, I need your continuous support! So help me reach my goals by browsing The Closet. If you see something you like, get it! If you need more details, let me know. If you're interested in private shopping, I may be able to help with that. Either way, your continuous support means the world to me!

And lastly: Give YOU more Upcycling Creativity

Okay, I know I mentioned I wanted to upcycle more, but this goal is slightly different. I realize that when it comes to shopping secondhand, it can be a challenge to find something that's not only your style, but also trendy. Some people will even turn to fast fashion as a means to find trendy, in-season pieces. So with that in mind, I wanted to test a concept where I take trendy, instyle pieces and try to recreate them with old clothes. Then you can order from an archive of creations. The best part is YOU'LL pick the materials from The Closet.

Yes! Instead of me having to recreate everything, I will custom make you something using the materials I have on hand. This not only can reduce waste, but it will also allow you to tell me what you think a piece should be. I'm still working out the logistics of this concept, but I think this will be the perfect to test it out!

In the meantime, continue supporting us by signing up for newsletters. We like to show our audience a little appreciation and keep you updated on all the latest news, so sign up today and get 15% off your first order when you do.

As always:

~~with love

ReneA P.


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