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Sustainable Spotlight: Thr3eFold

The following is the transcript of this video

Hey everyone! It's me, ReneA P. Welcome to Sustainable Spotlight, where I showcase one of my favorite brands that I just absolutely love!

So in this week's Sustainable Spotlight, we're here to talk about Thr3eFold, which is a platform catering to small businesses, big businesses, and ethical fashion.

So many of you may or may not know, but in 2013 on April 24th,the Rana Plaza incident happen. That was the Bangladesh Factory that collapsed and killed nearly 1200 people and injured over 2000 people. Now you may be thinking, "How could this possibly happen?" Well, I guess the owner didn't care to inspect the building fully or he didn't care to get any of the repairs done. And that is why that building collapsed.

Now the problem with that whole situation was that there were a lot of brands connected to that factory. We're talking Walmart, Primark, H&M, just so many different brands. And after that incident, a lot of them came together to create new initiatives to not only support sustainable fashion but also to support garment workers.

It was so shocking and that incident really shook the fashion industry and which started all these great movements called Who Made My Clothes and fighting for garment worker rights. And over the years, some things have happened there has been some changes. Now unfortunately, it's been about 8 years and not much has really changed. At least not on the side for the garment workers. Many of them, mainly women, are still being abused and threaten to get orders done and they get paid pennies on the dollar. It's really just heartbreaking and frustrating to know that this is still happening in this day-in-age.

All these brands have the power. They have the power to make the change, and yet, they're choosing profit over change.

So you're probably wondering: How can I as a fashion brand not be connected to these evil and shady factories?

Where, this is where Thr3eFold comes in. They have an amazing platform, where they have vetted every single factory on that list. And they provide many different resources for entrepreneurs, just like you. I have been following Thr3eFold for so many years now. The founder, Jessica Kelly, she is amazing! She provides so much advice and posts hilarious videos on what's it like to be a small business owner. She's always making TikToks and Reels about how to be a serial entrepreneur, how to be an entrepreneur, how to be a business woman. And, you know, she's like really cool.

Last month in June, I attended the Beta Launch for their new platform. And although this video is a little long overdue, it was really exciting. Now I'm not in the process of looking for a factory myself. I'm still in the very, very beginning stage of my brand. And most of my production is done by me, of course. But I wanted to be able to sit in and connect with some more ethical fashion designers, fashion brands, and just hear about all the great things that are going on and have that hope that things are happening. She has been working on this platform for many years, and on top of that, they have a scholarship program for smaller brands where you can get your membership fee reduced down to 60%.

I am so proud to really talk about this brand. It is such an amazing and innovative site, and I think if are looking to find factories to support your brand, you should definitely check them out. As part of their welcoming package, they had sent everyone these great packages that have so many brands that they are working with. And right now, I'm going to show you guys some of the things they had provided in that.

Alright guys, so I want to show you guys what we got for they beta launch.So first the package came in this sustainable packaging by noissue. It's 100% recyclable,which is amazing. Now everything came wrapped up in a little newspaper, that talked about Thr3eFold's history, which I'm planning to get a frame to put this on, maybe put this on my wall. Had a piece of Deadstock fabric, which is really cute. I don't know what kind of fabric that is. Feels a little like wool, or something like that. Which is cool. In fact, they have a community group where you can purchase deadstock fabric from factories to reuse. You know, packing peanuts and things like that. You know, trying to be recyclable.

Alright, so all the things that were inside were, like this reusable straw from Sukk, which is really cute. It comes in three parts, you just screw it together. Great for traveling, which I am guilty of this.I need to be bringing my reusable straws with me more often. Came with a little cleaning brush on the inside. I thought that was really cute. We also had a tiny bottle of Absolut Vodka which I thought was quite shocking. But here's the thing: Now I'm not much of a vodka drinker myself, it's been a long time since I had some. However, Absolut is actually pushing towards sustainability. They use 40% recycled glass. Which I love glass bottles. Great for redecoration, if you just wanted to. They are working towards reducing their Carbon Emissions, which is very important when it comes to sustainability. They work with sustainable farms, and they're working with local farms and their story is really cool. So now I am an Absolut Vodka fan!

Came with some, little packet of sugar, and there were some dried lemons, or dehydrated lemons. During the launch, we did a cocktail, and we also have a couple of packets of Yogi Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea. Which, I'm not much of a tea drinker either, this actually goes great with the cocktail. So I'm going to post a TikTok about making that. And it also came with a little container of lemonade, which shockingly, I realized it was actually from Me & The Bees Lemonade. Which I don't know if any of you guys remember this brand, but it was a little black girl who went on Shark Tank, and she pitched her idea of lemonade where it's more sustainable, it's helping with bees, and I was actually shocked when I realized it was her brand.I had to go out and find more. So I have it in the classic lemonade and I also have it with the ginger. So this package was really fun, the cocktail was really fun to make. And stay tuned because I want make that cocktail for you guys.

You guys should go check out Thr3eFold, follow the brand. Follow noissue for sustainable packaging. Follow Sukk drinking straws. Follow Me & The Bees. Follow Absolut. There's so many...It's so interesting to know that there are so many different brands that can all collaborate together and promote sustainability, promote sustainable fashion, promote ethical working environments. It's amazing how all of this is connected together. So thanks for tuning in, and stay tuned for that TikTok for the recipe. And congratulations Thr3eFold! Can't wait to see what more you guys have to offer in the future. Until next time!

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