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ReneA's Closet was developed as a Senior “New Business Venture” Project. While in college, I never had much luck selling my clothes in consignment shops or online. I would go to local consignment shops, only to be turned down because my clothes weren't "trendy" enough. I used Facebook Marketplace, with greater success, but was always dealing with flaky people. 

I was close to giving up on the idea of selling my clothes online, until I began researching about Textile Waste. I read news articles and watched videos from my favorite DIYers which exposed me to so much information! They revealed how detrimental textile waste is to our environment. We, in the United States alone, contribute 15 million tons of textile waste a year, with the average person disposing 80lbs of waste. That weighs more than our family dog!

As a seamstress and a designer, I had to get real with my textile waste. I salvaged every fabric scrap and snip I could, including threads and notion trash. I ended up hoarding materials while continuing to purchase more fabric and clothing. Realizing I had a problem was tough, especially when it came time to move back home. While I tried to recycle as much as possible, I felt like I wasn't doing enough. I felt like I would have to throw it all away and continue the textile waste cycle.

I was afraid to launch this business at first. I felt my passion to help change the world would not be met with open arms. I watched as more online consignment shops started. I was told the idea would not work for certain people. It was risky...

However, my first launch was November 17, 2019. That day, I launched the Instagram boutique. I gained a small following, and then decided to get real with the business! I created this platform for sellers who were told their items weren't good enough and for buyers looking to do better for the environment. I hope you see this vision and contribute to decreasing Textile Waste. We're creating a movement! So I thank you for your support of this business, and thank you for wanting to find a sustainable and alternative method for buying clothing. We have many trendy pieces, and I am excited to see what we design in the Repurpose Program. You are taking one step toward a better Clothing Life Cycle!


With Love

ReneA P.



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