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Welcome to your Curated Closet!

At ReneA's Closet, we're bringing you unique fashions and promoting sustainability. What began as a senior project has morphed into a major movement! We believe in fashion without labels, so we curate styles from various designer and fast-fashion brands. We love modern-day and vintage looks that can translate into your everyday style. Fashion is an art form and a way to self-express yourself. You can showcase your ideals, your heritage, or your personality through fashion. Styles we sell not only should last you through multiple seasons, but they should also elevate your personal look. And as a bonus, we specially design upcycled pieces from unwanted items. This pieces are unique in design, and sold at a premium. Handmade locally in Atlanta!

So what are you waiting for? Start adding pieces to your closet today. We think you're going to look great in these!

With Love

ReneA P.


The Founder

This business was founded and owned by Data Analyst & Content Creator, Deja "ReneA." As her final senior project, she developed a new online selling platform. Like most college students, ReneA tried reselling her old clothes to earn a little income. However, she was met with several obstacles: consignment shops either denied her pieces because they were not "trendy" enough, or only accepted low offers; buyers were always flakey; fees on other platforms were too high to generate a profit. Frustrated, she decided to develop her own platform that accepted styles and brands in great condition and offered a more generous commission rate for sellers. The business officially launched November 2019, and has grown tremendously throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic.

ReneA has always dreamt of becoming a fashion designer since the age of 5. She wanted to create styles that were not only inclusive in size but also unique. During her journey into fashion design and entrepreneurship, she realized the detrimental effects the fashion industry had on the environment. As Fast Fashion promoted "throw-away" fashion, thousands of pounds of textile waste were polluting the Earth. She also noticed the mistreatment of garment workers which promoted her to develop a sustainable/slow fashion brand. While the business deviated from the consignment model, it continues to resell unique fashions and focus more on the upcycling of unwanted fashions.

ReneA is currently obtaining her Masters in Business Analytics and is conducting a research project that analyzes the profitability of a sustainable fashion brand. You can view her presentation by visiting Ajed Vu Tech.

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