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Welcome to your Curated Closet!

At ReneA's Closet, we're bringing you unique fashions and promoting sustainability. What began as a senior project has morphed into a major movement! We believe in fashion without labels, so we curate styles from various designer and fast-fashion brands. We love modern-day and vintage looks that can translate into your everyday style. Fashion is an art form and a way to self-express yourself. You can showcase your ideals, your heritage, or your personality through fashion. Styles we sell not only should last you through multiple seasons, but they should also elevate your personal look. And as a bonus, we specially design upcycled pieces from unwanted items. These pieces are unique in design, and sold at a premium. Handmade locally in Atlanta!

So what are you waiting for? Start adding pieces to your closet today. We think you're going to look great in these!

With Love



The Founder

Meet Deja, aka ReneA, the passionate founder and owner of ReneA's Closet and Ajed Vu Upcycle brand. ReneA's love for fashion without labels led her to create a concept that offers online consignment and unique thrifted finds. Her senior new venture project has blossomed into much more than just a hobby, and now she's dedicated to helping others find their own unique style while reducing the impact of fast fashion on our environment.

When ReneA isn't thrifting or creating new pieces, she works a full-time corporate job, lives with her newly wedded husband, and learning new skills in web development and coding.

Contact Us

Have a question or want to say hi? Contact us and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

We'll contact you shortly!

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