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About Us

Watch the video to learn about our company or read the transcript below.

Hey everyone! It’s me, ReneA P. from ReneA’s Closet. And I want to tell you guys, welcome to my closet!

ReneA’s Closet is an online consignment shop and upcycle brand. We’re providing unique fashions on a whole new selling platform. And of course: we’re also promoting sustainable fashion.

This business started when I was a senior in college. It was my New Venture Planning project.

When I was in college, I had a big problem. I needed money! So I decided to try to sell my clothes. I’ve tried so many different platforms: Plato’s Closet, Facebook Marketplace (before it became popular), eBay, Poskmark, ThredUp. I’ve really tried them all! And I was still met with the same problems:

  • My clothes were either not in trend or not up to par to their standards

  • I had buyers who were always flakey

  • And of course, it took a lot of time to take pictures, price items, model them sometimes, and have to respond to buyers.

So you know, I figured why not I find a way to make this more streamlined because I knew there were so many girls who were going through the same problems that I had.

Here at ReneA’s Closet, we have the belief that we can “breathe life into old treasures.” When it comes to thrifting for clothes, it’s always about finding something so unique and something so amazing that will fit your personality. We try to accept all forms of wearable clothing, including designer pieces and a couple of fast fashion pieces. We’re really all about fashion without labels!

We offer a very generous commission rate: 35% or 45% if you want store credit. Selling with us is pretty easy. All you have to do is request a Prepaid Shipping Label that will be sent to you via email. With that, you can send up to 5 pounds of clothing. So that can be a couple pair of jeans. Maybe some tops. Maybe a pair of shoes?

Once we receive your items, we will evaluate the condition and potential selling price for them. After we do that, we will send you a Commission Notice that you must sign before your pieces can go live.

After the 30 days, you have three options:

  1. You can either reclaim your pieces for no extra charge,

  2. You can relist them, again at no extra charge,

  3. Or we will provide you with a small buyout rate and we will use those clothes to put into the Repurpose Program.

Upcycling has become a very popular phenomenon since we’ve been in lockdown really. I really love taking old clothes and just trying to figure out what exactly it wants to be. I’m used to working with raw materials. And with raw materials, they have a much better way of telling me what they want to be, how they want to be molded, how they want to be shaped. But when I’m working with regular clothes, it can be a little difficult. I mean, how can I conceptualize something when it’s already a dress, or a pair of jeans, or a pair of shoes?

That’s the beauty of ReneA’s Closet. We don’t want to continue the cycle of producing so much textile waste that we continue to endanger our environment and our world.

This Fall {2020} we launched our upcycle brand, and it has been so much fun finding new ideas and creating these pieces that I think you guys are really going to love. We first started out creating upcycled cropped tops, and I think those were so cute for the summer {2020}. But now we’re working on these two-toned t-shirt dresses, and I absolutely love how comfortable these dresses are. They’re so colorful, so comfortable, and they fit up to a 2X so that’s even more inclusive. We’re also working on a few ideas for our upcoming winter {2020} collection, including these two piece velvet sets. Now these pieces are really going to blow your mind!

And of course, we’re always getting in new consignment arrivals that I think you guys are really going to love.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to and if you sign up for our emails, you’ll get 15% Off your first purchase!

So, again—why are you still here?! Head over there now. And remember: you can always breathe life into old treasures!


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