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ThriftCon 2021: Business Success Story

Alright, here I go again getting in my feelings. But that's the beauty of running a small business: an emotional roller-coaster ride!

Anywho, during the month of March, I was stressing OUT!! I decided to sign up for ThriftCon 2021, which is the BIGGEST thrifting and vintage trade show in the country. Originally from Denver, Co, ThriftCon is the "first and only premier vintage clothing and collectable sale." It was their first time in Atlanta, and lets just say it did NAWT disappoint!

Why was I nervous?

Well the vending fee was steep, and my business was steady losing money every day. In fact, I had to come out of pocket just to sign up for this event. I was scared. This was a big risk for me, but I was done with the business and done investing money. I was ready to quit. There was so much stuff, I just wanted to get rid of everything.

So, come March 21st, I had my parent's truck packed tightly with racks, bins, and tables, ready for a 12+ hour day of being on my feet and surrounded by thousands of people.

The day started completely unexpectedly! There were crowds with shopping bags wrapped around the building . People came prepared to shop! Immediately within the first two hours, we broke even.

By the end of the day, my feet were tired, but I was elated! We sold a ton of our merchandise. Pieces that I had for a long time finally found a new home. Pieces I just acquired were immediately snatched up! I had a blast! And more importantly, I gained more insight about the business. I even gathered new results for my research.

So what now?

In May this year, I will be vending at Vintage Connect Con at the Cobb Galleria Center. I'm hoping for just as much success as ThriftCon.

Now that I have a new perspective on my business, I'm pivoting the concept. As of now, we are still not accepting any consignment requests, but I'm willing to make an exception (so don't hesitate to contact me). We're upping our upcycle game, as most of my creations did very well. I also went thrifting and have more amazing pieces to share with you guys. I even raided my grandmothers closest for some vintage styles (like these classic mom jeans that have to be well over 40 years old!)

I also want to thank everyone who came out and supported us. It was an amazing event, and I'm so happy to see such a great community.

And of course, thank you ThriftCon, for allowing ReneA's Closet to be a part of this amazing experience. Can't wait for the next one--might even take a trip to the next destination!

As always: With Love!

~~ReneA P.

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