Customer Reviews

Zeek, Seller 

Works Hard to Sell Your Items

ReneA offered me a great commission for my items. They didn't sell overnight, but she worked hard to get my items sold. After my 30 days, I submitted my unsold pieces to the Repurpose Program, which she offered me cash for. 

Tina, Face Mask Shopper

Everyone Loves their Masks

I ordered a few masks for my nieces. ReneA made them quickly and shipped them out. The masks for my older niece didn't fit, so ReneA remade them and reshipped them (I made a new order and requested more of course). I've bought masks for all my family members, and everyone absolutely love theirs! They love the mesh bags that come with every order, and they liked the handwritten notes with washing instructions.

Trudy, Face Mask Shopper

Great Quality Masks

I love my masks! Very nice quality compared to the others I ordered lol! My niece already asked for four of them. Looks like I will be ordering more. Let me know when you get new styles in, and I will continue to be a customer!

Kay, Consignment Shopper

Like Buying New Clothes

My item shipped quickly and was packaged so nicely. I loved the handwritten note. My item also smelled clean. It was like buying something brand new!

Miss Mary, Face Mask Shopper

I Can Actually Breathe

Thank you for the face masks. Your design allows me to breath! I've worn [other mask designs] and have almost died lol

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