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Happy Earth Day 2021

Happy International Earth Day loves! This year's lineup of sustainability and eco-conscious events aim to continue to promote a better world for the future. As a sustainable brand, we're looking to educate and promote new ways to make a difference without feeling pressured.

Being eco-friendly isn't easy. Having to adjust your lifestyle to keep up with the times can be a challenge, especially when there are others who are motivated by selfish acts.

However, making a difference takes time and commitment. And here at ReneA's Closet, we have a few tips on how you can be more eco-conscious and lead a more sustainable life.

Eliminating or Recycling Plastic Waste is the number one way you can be more eco-conscious.

This means switching plastic bottles for reusable bottles and canisters. Bring your own shopping bags when you grocery shop. Skip the straw and drink directly from the cup or bring your own reusable straw.

Any plastic waste you have already accumulated? Recycle it! Research your nearest recycling center or many local stores will recycle your waste for you!

Online shopping is fun, but remember to shop locally. Supporting small and minority businesses not only drives the economy, but it employs nearly half the workforce.

Research businesses that source locally as well. One of the biggest contributors of excess carbon emissions is the supply chain, such as excess travel and shipping. Support local economies to reduce our carbon footprint!

This contradicts the previous tip a little, but the best way to become eco-friendly is to shop less. Overspending and excess splurging is the main contributor to Fast Fashion's popularity. So shop locally but only buy what you need and minimize your splurging.

Shopping has become more of a hobby than a necessity. Don't shop just because you're bored!

Studies have shown that Vegan and Plant-based diets are a more sustainable alternative to eating meat.

Again, our carbon emissions are high, and excessive meat consumption is one contributor to that. Instead of including a meat product to every meal, try to limit your meat consumption to 2-3 times a week (meaning steak on the weekends). Increase your veggie and nuts consumption.

P.S. I try to go vegetarian/pescatarian a few times a month for weight lose. I've managed to lose 1.5lbs in one week!

How are you going green?

Looking for more ideas to be more eco-friendly without the pressure? Here are a few more tips that you can try. Best part: they're super easy to do!

Make Every Day Earth Day! Learn how you can get involved and donate to a special cause by visiting!

~~with love

ReneA P.

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