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25th Birthday Corset: First Project of 2020

We are just one day away from my 25th Birthday!

While I was prepared to spend the week on the beach, basking in the warmth and the sun, it seems my plans (well all our plans) are canceled until "further notice." But that didn't deter me from designing a piece to celebrate in! Last weekend, I had a mini-party with my family, and of course, I had to make something even though I wasn't going to leave the house.

1940's Hollywood Glam

The inspiration for this piece was 1940's Hollywood Glam. Think Dorothy Dandridge, Joyce Bryant, Eartha Kitt--any style or gown designed by Zelda Wynn Valdes. The idea was to create a corset that really drew my waist in with a skirt that exaggerated my hips and curves. I also wanted to show a little cleavage!

The skirt (not pictured) was a bit of an after thought, as I spent most of my time working on the corset. I was trying to accomplish this goal in two days, only using fabric I already owned. The skirt didn't live up to the inspiration, and I felt this piece was more 90's inspired.

Pros & Cons


  • Second attempt using boning!

  • This is also my second corset draped on my dressform. What I loved most about this piece was I didn't run into the issue of having to take in so much. I draped the pattern by first reducing the bust measurement by about 5 inches, which created a more fitted top.

  • This was my first attempt at a corset with a tie in the back. I created the loops and tie by taking a long 1in. wide strip of fabric and folded it inside twice. The cord was then cut into 1.5in. pieces for the loops, then sewn on a 5/8in. strip that I wedged between the velvet and satin layers.

  • During my first attempt at using boning, I didn't take into consideration of trimming the edge right before the seam allowance of the bottom hem. That caused the lining on the inside to become exposed. However, I did the opposite with this piece.

  • This boning did not have a casting, so I create my own. Overall, the attempt was quite easy

  • Working with velvet and sequins was enjoyable. The velvet had a two-way stretch, but I decided not to focus on that element. As for the sequin fabric, I was afraid it would unravel as I cut into it. However, it held up nicely.


  • This piece did not match my style inspiration. While I accomplished the cinched in waist element, I wanted the top to be more of a cowl-neck/draping effect. I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish this. A rectangular shape was used to create the top, but I should have curved it a bit more.

  • Looking at these photos, I look fat and bloated. I think velvet was not the right fabric choice

  • I should have continued the dress, instead of making a separate skirt. The skirt just had a lot going on in my opinion, and did not match the theme. I will say I like it for belly dancing as it has that flair to it. I should have create hot pants to go with the corset, as I'm getting some Moulin Rouge vibes

The Rating

3.5 star rating

So while I am proud of all the work I did in just two days, I am a little disappointed in how I executed my vision. I would definitely consider wearing the corset again. On that note, what did you think of my first piece of the year?

~~with love

ReneA P.

*This project was completed using a Brother Limited Edition Project Runway machine and a heavy duty needle

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